Aerosols Laboratory
Aerosols Laboratory

Development Of Aerosol Products Since 1990s

Do you have a unique idea? Let us turn it into a reality!

AG Chemical Branding Solution Limited is a premium Aerosol manufacturing company. At AG Chemical Branding Solution Limited, we are committed to delivering quality products that reflect our more than 20 years of experience and innovation in this industry. Our aerosol products are not only of exceptional quality but also versatile enough to be tailored to your unique needs.

Your Success Is A Priority

A business’s success lies in a strong relationship with its customers, and these principles ensure you get the most reliable and professional products and services for a successful business. From state-of-the-art facilities to exceptional customer service, everything revolves around creating aerosol solutions which meet your needs fully.


The mixing vessels are highly flexible and are built to accommodate products from a wide range of viscosities, pH levels, and temperatures. Additionally, with top-notch and extensive infrastructure, you are guaranteed efficient and timely production of all orders. The premium aerosol service, including spray manufacturing you receive, is exceptional and has helped us establish as one of the most remarkable aerosol development companies in the EU and UK


Being the exclusive distributor in the UK of AGTermoPasty – a leading EU Brand offering high-quality products to electronic manufacturing, optimize, maintenance and cleaning. Visit our wholesale online shop and check our range of products.

We Believe In The Potential Of Aerosol Products And Are Ready to Serve Your Needs!


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